“This is about the academe that’s lost touch with its ultimate purpose and replaced it with the self assumed role of the moral arbitrator of society. Academia is now the home of the radical ideology, Critical Theory, that seeks to redefine morality and is crippling our freedom. That is what’s at stake. The days are gone when true academic freedom is celebrated. Policy, process, research, programming and most other functions of post-secondary education are now entwined in its web of narratives.

Morality based on assumptions and with no regard for objective truth is meritless. It’s far past time that letting our resentment and anger for the radical movement take precedent. That’s exactly what fuels it. Critical Theory, which is the root of woke culture, is not just a fad, it’s a cleverly devised and complex string of falsehoods driven by a worldview based on oppression. It preys on sympathetic emotion and literally redefines common words to fit its own goal. But warriors bank on the opposition not engaging to seek the meaning behind the revolution that’s actually happening. It is absolutely our responsibility to educate ourselves on the destruction that woke culture is wreaking so we can confidently dissent and actively engage in the dialogue. We are responsible for standing up for true morality, objective truth and for restoring the principles of higher learning.”

Dan Freeborn, Host
Freeborn & Liberty, The Podcast

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We’re tired of seeing professionals in academia having to choose between their livelihoods and voicing their true beliefs. Students choosing between playing the game to get the grade or presenting views that are disregarded and rebuked. We provide a platform, educate, encourage and examine.

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Dive deep into the pervasive, radical ideology that has made its home on campuses across the country. We'll examine the complexities of the Critical Social Justice movement and its sub-narratives through the lenses of Foundational Truth, logic and scientific facts so you're prepared to confidently engage in the discourse that's threatening the foundational freedoms on which our nation was founded.


We share real stories from within the academe that shed light on outrageous attacks on morality and free speech. There’s an unbalanced weight that radical narratives have on institutional policy and culture.

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