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Episode 00 | The Trailer

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Welcome to the show! Glad to have you along. This episode explains what Freeborn & Liberty is all about and what you can expect from here.

Here's what this show is:

  1. It’s a critique of Critical Theory and it’s pervasiveness in higher education. We’re going to do this in two ways: a. First, through interviews with scholars, theologians and thought leaders b. Secondly, through interviews with professionals and students in higher education that have experienced cancel culture for voicing views that do not align with the claims of Critical Theory.

  2. Designed to educate and provide a deeper understanding of the implications of the theory

  3. I hold a Christian conservative worldview. I believe the ideology of Critical Theory is antithetical to the gospel. Logic, scientific facts and philosophy are key pieces to exploring this fully. Many guests will share my worldview, some will not. We are united in realizing the dangers of this narrative and are working to counter it and provide insight into how we can become informed contributors in the dialogue.

  4. Higher Ed professionals shouldn’t have to decide between their livelihood and voicing an opinion (or in many cases, standing firm in their religious beliefs). Students shouldn’t have to play the game to make the grade. And we, as Americans, should not accept that this radical ideology is something that we must subscribe to.

Here’s what this show is not:

  1. Freeborn & Liberty is not anti-higher ed.

  2. This Is not a Christian nationalist podcast. America, or any political party for that matter, is not the means through which God’s Kingdom is realized. Jesus Christ is the one way to eternal life in God’s Kingdom.

There are many ideas of what Christian nationalism means today and it's clearly a label that's used flippantly, perhaps irrationally, especially in recent months. For the context of my statement, Christian nationalism is defined as an allegiance to a political party, figure, or country so strong that these become idols. This subverts the position of Christ and the power of God's Kingdom. Parties, figures and countries cannot fill the role of a god. Does this mean a Christian can't be patriotic or stand for policy that aligns with their spiritual beliefs? Absolutely not. Here's a helpful perspective from World's February issue.

  1. We aren’t trying to silence anyone. This is not about the humans that are championing the movement or those that are advocates. We simply reject that this radical ideology is being imposed on society, largely through means of the academe.

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