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Fighting Fire with Fire is not the Answer.

Although the adoption of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in mandated trainings, courses, policies, and laws is dangerous, let me be explicitly clear that banning CRT altogether is not the solution to the madness we're seeing unfold in American social culture. It's not the fact that CRT is an ideology that some people subscribe to or that it exists at all for that matter. This fight is against the push for mandated participation in CRT activities, the forced narrative that it is vying for its place as ultimate truth in society, and the onslaught of federal policy drenched in "wokeness". This is what we're working against.

If we truly believe that the First Amendment is applicable to all, then it stands to reason that we have to stay laser focused on the coercion, mandates, laws and policies that seek to make us subject to the tenets of the theory, not the theory itself or its advocates.

The line must be clearly defined if we're going to make progress toward restoring the heart of our nation and the true purpose of higher education. A recent article in the National Review outlines a rational approach to countering the extreme alternative reality that is finding its foothold in American education and it serves as a reminder that more than one viewpoint is permissible and more-so, necessary.